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Fentanyl Side Effects

Fentanyl Side Effects

Nathan had been using fentanyl for several months now. Unfortunately, he felt nauseated whenever he used it. At first, Nathan thought the feeling would disappear, but it has only worsened. Currently, there are other fentanyl side effects that he has been feeling, such as depression and slower breathing. He wonders if they are connected.

This year, through August 2023, 347 people have died from opioid use, including fentanyl, in Cuyahoga County, OH. Superior Behavioral Health is a small, intimate, local company that does not see hundreds of patients, which allows us to see you as a person instead of the fentanyl side effects you are feeling. Today, we are going to discuss what these side effects are.

What Is Fentanyl Prescribed For?

Medical professionals might prescribe fentanyl for people with advanced cancer. It works well for treating severe pain as it is 50-100 times stronger than morphine. It can also treat people after surgery, especially if they are physically tolerant to other prescription opioids.

Fentanyl Side Effects

Fentanyl Side Effects: What You Might Expect From Fentanyl

There are several side effects that someone might experience when they take fentanyl. These can be side effects that occur over a single use, or they can be side effects that occur over long-term repeated use. Not everyone will experience all the side effects; they’re unique to each individual.

Long-Term Side Effects of Fentanyl Use

When someone takes fentanyl for an extended period, it can lead to long-term side effects. One is that fentanyl can damage vital organs such as the heart or kidneys. People might also experience a development of mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety. In contrast, others will experience a weakened immune system. Hormonal imbalances with testosterone or estrogen are also possible. Long-term fentanyl use can also lead to respiratory complications and strained relationships.

Short-Term Side Effects of Fentanyl Use

Short-term effects are also possible when it comes to fentanyl. They might include mood swings and trouble concentrating. People might also have a loss of appetite or nausea. Some experiences include slowed breathing and heart rate. At the same time, others might feel itchy or have pinpoint pupils.

Common Side Effects

Some side effects of fentanyl use are more common than others. For example, someone might be more likely to have hiccups or irritability when they use fentanyl. They might also have shallow breathing or feelings of pleasure. Appetite changes and fatigue are also common side effects.

Rare Side Effects

Rare side effects might include seizures or vision problems. People might also experience painful urination when using fentanyl, while others could experience sexual dysfunction.

Fentanyl’s Effect on the Body

Using fentanyl can make someone feel drowsy and slow down their breathing. Their pupils might become smaller, and they will have a warm feeling on their skin. They might also have constipation and weight loss. Women who use fentanyl can have irregular menstrual cycles. Women who are pregnant when they use fentanyl might experience a miscarriage or a premature delivery. Those who inject fentanyl have a higher risk of developing HIV and hepatitis B and C.

Fentanyl’s Effect on the Brain

Fentanyl will bind to opioid receptors in the brain, which control pain and emotions. Fentanyl will increase dopamine levels, producing euphoria and relaxation, thus encouraging the brain to want more. However, this use can also create confusion, depression, anxiety, sedation, and unconsciousness.

Fentanyl Hallucinations

Fentanyl hallucinations are an uncommon side effect of using fentanyl, but it is still possible. Most of the time, these hallucinations are auditory or visual. However, in rare cases, they can be tactile.

An Overdose Can Be Dangerous

A fentanyl overdose is a risk that is possible each time someone consumes fentanyl. If you suspect you or someone you know is experiencing an overdose, seek emergency help immediately. Some symptoms that someone might experience include blue skin, coma, respiratory failure, and clammy skin. In Ohio, you can get naloxone for free in an emergency. Naloxone reverses the effects of a fentanyl overdose.

Fentanyl Side Effects
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Coping With the Side Effects of Fentanyl

For those with a fentanyl use disorder, seeking fentanyl use treatment is the best way to recover. Getting enough sleep at night and staying hydrated helps with some side effects.

Treatment for Fentanyl Addiction in Garfield Heights, OH

Superior Behavioral Health, located in Garfield Heights, OH, helps you reclaim your life by meeting you where you are and providing same-day appointments so you can get started on your treatment today. For more information or to get started on treatment, call us today at 216-435-1110.

FAQs About the Side Effects of Fentanyl

What is the drug fentanyl used for?

Medical professionals might prescribe fentanyl for pain management for cancer and after surgeries.